Celebrities are receiving backlash for missing Elections and it’s quite fair What's Happening Now!

25th July 2018 was going to mark the history for Pakistan… and it did. Everyone was sitting at the edge of their seats, waiting impatiently for the day to come so that they can cast their votes and play a role in changing the fate of their country, patriotism running wildly in their bloods as they marched the streets chanting their country’s name. This single day was going to define Pakistani democracy and the future of the country so you can tell that this very day was very important, however, if we look towards the Entertainment industry: most of them had different opinions and priorities.

As you all know, Hum awards are set to take place in Toronto, Canada on Saturday 28th July. Now you would think that the celebrities had enough time to cast their vote and still leave in time for the awards… but No. Apparently they didn’t. These are the very celebrities who would tweet “ mera Pakistan ye, mera Pakistan wo” but when it actually comes to help Pakistan, they don’t have time to fit their country into their busy schedules.

One of the first people to call out on this behaviour was Farhan Saeed

“All the people from my fraternity & otherwise travelling abroad at such a crucial time is so heart-breaking . Please let’s not take our country’s future for granted. #Elections2018  #PakistanElections”

Several other people were angered at these celebrities leaving just before the elections which lead to the Celebrities ranting on twitter.

One particular tweet was from Ahmed ali butt

He starts out by saying; ‘Mujhay nahi maloom thaa keh vote na daynay say ap sab Maa bahen per utter ayin gay.’

One of his most problematic statements was, ‘Allah ka shuker hay have seen more places than you so “itnay maar nahi rahay hum log bahir janay kay leya“‘. Umm, okay Ahmed Ali Butt, good for you! There was absolutely no need to rub your privilege and wealth in all our faces.

Of course the people didn’t take his statement lightly:

Yasir Hussain also lashed back at all the hate, and even his comments weren’t all that great.

‘Kyon aap k favourite celebrities har wakt kar baat har galti ki mafi mangty rahen.. hum sab aam insaan hain farishty nah . We work v hard to entertain you all’

Jaisay bara ehsaan kar rahay hain app log humay entertain kar k.

Soon afterwards Hum TV released their own statement which I think was very ill written and it only looked like they were making excuses instead of you know admitting their mistakes.

Hum TV posted on their page:

“Hum Network has always been very proud of being Pakistan’s most credible entertainment broadcast network.

Ever since its launch Hum Network has been a beacon of Pakistani dramas and format shows in all parts of the world (wherever there is Pakistani diaspora).

Over the years HUM NETWORK has become a global Pakistani brand portraying a POSITIVE & SOFT image of our country.

The date for 6th HUMAWARDS was decided months in advance to the announcement of election date. An event of this magnitude requires a lot of planning and preparation. Also, since a lot of resources have to be committed for the event and contractual commitments with international sponsors are made in advance it is not possible to change the date.

It is worth mentioning here that most of the Artists participating in the Awards have cast their votes today and then left for the Awards. However some had to leave earlier as they were required for rehearsals. It was a matter of prior commitment for them also.

As always we are confident that this event will go a long way in portraying a soft image of Pakistan globally and make all of us proud of being Pakistani.

Furthermore, Pakistan and Hum Tv are committed to this event for our global community and had contracts with various parties and people in Canada much before the election date was decided. We will not break our promise and contracts as we represent Pakistan. That can reflect bad on our country and people as we are struggling to show the world a different and positive face of Pakistan. We fulfill our contracts and promises and take our flag high across the globe

Last but not the least HUM NETWORK will proudly continue to work towards building the Pakistani brand on the global stage. #SupportHUMAwards #SupportPakistanGlobalImage #ISupportHUMAwards”

Let’s just say the people were not too happy about it:

Nobody was holding a gun to their heads, so they could have managed to stay one day, vote and the fly back. This shows the priorities of some of these celebrities.

Singer, Bilal Khan posted on Instagram about how he flew back to vote, and then after voting, he will fly back to Toronto for the awards show. He posted on instagram: 

bilalkhanmusicWill you VOTE? I flew from Toronto to Lahore a week ago just so I could vote. I will be voting tomorrow and flying back at night for the awards happening in Toronto. It would’ve made more sense for me to stay there but I came back. The reason I tell you this is that I want you ALL to vote. Each vote counts and it is our duty as citizens of our country to vote. It is cool to vote. Don’t be uncool & lazy to not vote (unless you are underage). Will you vote tomorrow? Y or N? PS: tag your friends so more people see this message #bilalkhan #elections2018

See what I’m talking about?


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