CineGold Plex Bahria, luxury at its best!! Reviews

We had heard a lot of buzz about a new cinema in Bahria over the past few weeks so a couple of days ago we decided to visit Bahria Cinegold Plex cinema and restaurant .

Upon entering, we were welcomed by a royal, rich textured sitting area with swaying chandeliers. It looked amazing at night. Moving on, ahead of this there was a huge snack area flashing their best snacks giving you an instant craving for that crunch. We, habitually, bought a large mixed pop-corn (Yes we like to mix the caramelized and the salty ones). We were surprised to know that we won’t have to wait in line for our order, instead, they guided us to the one of the movie halls.

We’d like to mention that if you are a movie buff as we are, you’d be amazed by the video quality, the crispness of the sound, the comfortable seats and the fact that our order was served right on our seats. Cinegold Plex has two different cinema lounges: 1) Gold & 2) Red which serve the customers comfortability as per their demand.  In addition, the Gold lounge offers VIP Box with recliners you can literally bury yourself in. A very pleasant environment was maintained throughout the movie, full of laughs and giggles as ‘Parchi’ came to its end.

Following the movie, we thought of trying the Gold Restaurant.

Our order comprised of :

Gold Special Burger

Chicken Chilli Dry

Chicken Steak

If you are fond of burgers, you would be glad to enjoy their succulent and creamy Gold Special Burger. The cheesy creamy chicken patty would melt inside your mouth, you’d be full by the time you finish it but you’d wish to get one packed so you can have it as soon as you start craving the hit. The Chicken Chilli Dry and the Chicken Steak were also full of flavors and the chicken was very tender to cut. In that moment, we were glad we came all the way to Bahria for the movie because our experience was totally worth it.

For people who might want to come here – trust us when we say this – you are in for a treat. Cinegold Plex offers all-in-one package for your idea of a perfect hangout. You can visit their website for more information about the show timings and their pricing. The also offer online ticketing services to the customers which is meant to save a lot of hustle. All you need to do is decide which movie you want to watch and then let Cinegold Plex’s Staff handle the rest.

Contributed By: Team Kluchit