Coffee in a Cone? Oh yes! Featured Fav

Guys, brace yourself for the new Instagram trend that is bound to blow your mind!

The universe has blessed us with this fascinating hybrid by combining the three best things in life: waffle cones, chocolate and coffee. The frothy hot coffee is served in crunchy waffle cones lined with chocolate. Chomping down the cup after drinking delicious coffee?! Guys, we are finally in food heaven. You are bound to love this creation even if you’re not that fond of coffee; and if you’re a coffee lover—well it’s completely justified if you lose your mind right now. We have Dayne Levinrad, a marketing executive and barista at The Grind Company in Johannesburg, South Africa to thank for this beautiful creation. Although the idea seems simple and easy, it was actually quite difficult to execute because the chocolate would melt and the coffee always ended up leaking from the cones. After much experimentation, Levinrad discovered that the trick to prevent the chocolate from melting is to coat the cones with four different types of chocolate mixtures, hardened by changeable amounts of cacao content. Genius! The catch is that you have to finish the coffee within 10 minutes- that’s how long it takes for the four chocolate layers to melt. However, because of its irresistibly it is unlikely you’ll need more than 5 minutes to finish it.

This trend has swept the internet; the hashtag ‘coffeeinacone’ has been used more than 1,500 times in just the past six weeks, according to Even though this hybrid from heaven was initially limited to South Africa, however now, when you browse through the #coffeeinacone pictures, there are versions popping up in New Zealand, Los Angeles, and Berlin — and one can only imagine that it’s coming to a café near you soon enough. You might not have to move to South Africa after all!

Kluchit Staff

Ramsha Khan