Coke Studio ruined the National Anthem and people are NOT happy Let's Get Vocal

Coke studio released their version of the national anthem for the 70th year of Independence of Pakistan. Have you listened to it already? We have, and honestly it was a big disappointment. Coke studio has always impressed us with their bangers like Ae Rah e Haq Ke Shaheedon last year and Sohni Dharti. But this version of the national anthem was totally a flop.

It sucks because everyone was so excited and pumped up for it. Our expectations were totally on the top and Coke Studio totally crushed them down. The absence of legendary singers made it even worse. It was just flat and average. Besides, why is Shafqat Amanat Ali in the anthem? Wasn’t he the one who forgot the lines of his own national anthem and totally butchered it? This is not what we expected from Coke Studio. The Pakistani awaam was NOT happy with the new release.


People are definitely not feeling the national anthem by Coke Studio. We totally agree though, because we are totally disappointed.

What do you think about their release? Did you like it or are you disappointed? Let us know your opinions as well in the comments below.


Kluchit Staff
Merub Ali

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