Delish’s melty cheesy goodness Reviews

When was the last time you felt good after having a pizza. Pizza brings that guilt feeling once the pleasure of consuming it is over. Why? cause, core ingredients of Pizza are evil-ishly tasty but not that healthy. But then we got introduced to Delish Pizza situated DHA Y Block.

When we talked to the owner this is what he told us, ‘we create proper thin crust pizzas from scratch using the best available ingredients. In doing this we attempt to dejunk the pizzas by adding as much wholesome goodness as we can. We use our secret recipe dough for the crust, fresh tomatoes for our sauce, toppings made in olive oil only with 100 percent dairy mozzarella cheese The pizzas are thus decidedly lighter, healthier yet delicious’. Do we believe him?, yes, we kinda do! Why?, cause the Pizza did tasted, not only good but healthy too.

It all started from Khalis Food Market in 2014 when Delish Pizza first time served healthy pizza to people. It was the same customer base which pushed Delish to open up their first takeaway point at Bank Square, Model Town Lahore in 2015.  From there it was just adding more physical outlets after the other, followed by DHA Y block and then early this year at M M Alam road. M M Alama road pizzeria offers dine-in option, so you can enjoy the healthy goodness while sitting comfortably.

Both brother and sister, take their procurement seriously. Its like a every morning they procure their chicken, beef, sauces and all by themselves. For them the right selection of the ingredients makes all of the difference. Very much like any other culinary passionate entrepreneur.

Over time they have added classic versions of Beef Lasagna, Macaroni and Cheese along with Salads and dessert entrees to their menu. We believe they aspire to grow further while staying true to their roots of doing ethical business. Bon Apetit

Overall Rating

Order Time: 8/10
Pizza Freshness: 8/10
Well thin crust: 10/10
Filling: 8/10
Taste: 9/10