Do not eat fish for a few days – Rawal Dam has been poisoned! Q & A

According to an FIR filed by the Punjab Fisheries Department, the fishing mafia was barred from boating and fishing in the Rawal Dam, which led to them adding poisonous substances to the water in retaliation. The poisoned water killed over 240 tonnes of fish. Water supply ti Islamabad and Rawalpindi was reportedly cut off for a while, but according to Geo News, the Water and Sanitation Agency responsible for water supply claimed that the water was free from poisonous substances and that they were testing it every day just to be sure.

Not only was this act detrimental for the people living in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, but also for the economy and Eco life. Nearly 240 tonnes of fish died, and we don’t even know their species. The elimination of so many fish could lead to endangerment problems in the Rawal Dam ecosystem, and thus affect fishing yields to a certain extent.


Kluchit Staff
Ameera Mehmood