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Have you ever looked at a woman and wondered how she looks fresh and radiant every day? Ever thought how she brings her A-game to the beauty club every morning? If you have, then welcome to the club. This article is for every girl who likes to sleep late but has to wake up early and does not want her appearance to suffer.

These beauty tips are so easy that you will be able to follow them while you are half asleep but they will leave you looking like you have spent hours fussing over yourself in front of the mirror. They range from super-simple tricks to big time hacks that will make people think you have your hairstylist on speed dial. The best part is that you can literally do some of these in your sleep. Below are some tried and tested beauty tips recommended by which will surely help all you hard working women out there.

Don’t have time to shampoo every day?

We know how hard it is to find the time to shampoo every morning, especially if you are already running late. On top of that, styling your hair while they are wet leads to them looking so frizzy within a couple of hours that your friends think a bomb has just exploded on your head. So the easiest trick in the book for all you ladies who are always getting late is: Wash them bangs! Yes, just wash the front and you are good to go. Just pull all your hair back to make a ponytail, then wet your hands and apply some conditioner to the fringe and rinse. Additionally, if you have straight hair you are probably good to go even without having to blow-dry that front. Simple wasn’t it? You can thank us below in the comments section.

No time for a manicure?

Do you literally curse yourself every time you look at your nails? Do you promise yourself that you will go to a nail bar asap? Despite all that you know that is something you are either too lazy to do, or you would rather spend all that time watching Twilight (Yes, We know, Edward is sooooo hot!!). Anyways, we have the simplest manicure hack for all you dreamers. All you need is a base color that is dark and a gold foil and you are good to go. Firstly, swipe your nails with the base color for the base coat. Next, use tweezers to place the bits of foil on your nails while the base coat is still wet. Lastly, use the top coat to seal them in.

Want beach-wavy hair without using those curling irons?

Ever wanted to go to sleep with perfectly smooth, silky and straight hair and imagined how amazing it would be if you were to wake up with amazing beach waves? Sounds impossible right? Well, the Kluchit team has found a simple hack for that too. Just straighten your hair, tie them up in two separate braids and hit the bed. When you wake up the next morning you will find amazing natural waves in your hair. All you have to do is fix them with a setting spray (Kluchit recommends using a sea-salt texture spray) and your new adventurous look is ready. You will thank us for saving you time and money, and your hair will thank us for saving them from highly- damaging heat equipment.

Want to get that perfect cat-eye look on the first try?

We all desire the sultry and mysterious look the cat-eyes bring but not all of us can freehand perfectly, so you can save yourself the grief by making a stencil. All you have to do is cut your desired cat-eye shape onto a small piece of paper (preferably the back of a business card) and hold it up to your lids while applying the eye-liner. Use a straight edge like that of a credit card to outline the shape till the time you achieve your desired result. Enjoy the added edge and intensity to your looks because now you truly look like a celebrity.

Contributed by: Team Kluchit.

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