Eid kurtas/outfits under 3000 What's Trendin

Ramadan is already here, which means that Eid is just around the corner. Going from store to store in this sweltering heat while fasting doesn’t sound fun at all, even if you go store-hopping after Iftar, it still sounds lame because you’re usually exhausted by then. To make Eid shopping easier, we rounded up a few places where you can find an Eid kurta+accessories for under PKR 3000.


Limelight has become a go-to spot for a lot of people because of their amazing but affordable clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories. If you’re a size small or extra small, you can usually find a few pieces with their prices slashed, even without a sale. Even when the clothes aren’t on sale, you can find a kurta with some embroidery or embellishment for PKR 1700-2400. If you’ve already got matching tights/trousers, you can use the rest of the money to get super cute accessories like embellished chokers (PKR 450), pack of earrings (PKR 560) and such. Don’t go for heavily embellished chiffon frocks and the likes, it’s the peak of summer, so go for something that’s breathable. No one wants to look like an overly done hot mess.

Nishat Linen:

Nishat Linen is another great store to hit if you’re looking for affordable ready-to-wear kurtas and cute accessories. Their printed kurtas range from PKR 2400-2700, but you can always spend more if you feel like it. However, for the sake of this guide, we’ll be sticking to things under PKR 3000. Get one of their brooches (PKR 250) to spice up a plain printed shirt, or get their statement earrings for PKR 550. They’ve even got packs of ear studs in all sorts of designs ranging from PKR 175- 275. They’ve got adorable summer scarves for PKR 650, perfect for combining them with your eid outfit.

Ethnic by Outfitters:

Ethnic has been making waves recently, due to their varied designs and affordability. You’ll find anything and everything in whatever price range you’re looking for. Their shirts on sale start from 1200, and their designs are very colourful and traditional; perfect for eid. They have quite a few things on sale too, so it’s worth looking into. Pair the shirt with some separates and you’ve got yourself an affordable eid outfit. They’ve got a good collection of accessories too, with a pack of 6 rings starting at 353 and upwards. Earrings, chokers, necklaces, you name it, you can easily find matching accessories for your outfit.

Pro tip: if you’re on a strict budget, avoid anything that says ‘Eid Collection.’ The Eid Collection is hardly ever on sale, and it usually costs more than the standard summer collection. If you dig around, you’re bound to find something just as good but for a significantly lower price.


Kluchit Staff
Ameera Mehmood