What To Wear To Stay Comfy at polling Booths, Elections’18 What's Happening Now!

With the Elections approaching, the emotions are at peak. Nevertheless you can still pull out a chic and calm look while going out for vote. Take out a comfy dress with free and easy design to avoid any fuss. Since, it’s summers as well. Here are few ideas to wear at general elections.


Wear pastel colours to keep yourself comfortable, will also keep you cool in this humid weather. Moisture-wicking fabric will be an ideal choice as it will soak away the sweat and dry quickly.

Choose loose dresses to move in easily and will also prove suitable if the temperature gets hot in the afternoon. You can also choose sportswear as well there are many sport brands offering lightweight sportswear for hot tempearture.

Colours such as white, off-white and nudes will be good as they won’t absorb heat.

Foot wear

Since, you get only a day for voting. So, it is obvious that you’ll have to wait for your turn in a queue. It’s better that you choose slides or sandals which will keep your feet at ease. You can also go for joggers but it won’t be the best choice because of the hot weather in our country. So, ladies leave your heels at home and go for flats.

Also, rain is expected so make sure your footwear is rain friendly.


Little things do matter. Don’t forget to carry a hat and paper fan with you as there is a lot of humidity in our weather so, to avoid sweating cover your head properly while going out in sun.

Don’t forget to carry an umbrella as well. What if it starts raining? It is monsoon after all and rain is expected. Even if it doesn’t, it can be used to block the sun!

Nudrat Iqhlaq

Nudrat Ikhlaq

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