Exclusive: Ali Zafar and Maya Ali on ‘Kim Kardashian of Pakistan’ and ‘Item Number’ Let's Get Vocal

For a star as huge as Ali Zafar, we never imagined him to be so welcoming and humble. For some reason, celebrities are always perceived as people with a lot of attitude. This wasn’t the case here with Ali not Maya. The super gorgeous duo aka Teefa and Anya not only had fun but made the whole team laugh like crazy. Perhaps, Teefa in Trouble will have the same effect on the audience as the duo had on us!

Walk us through your characters in  your movie ‘Teefa in trouble’

Maya goes on to explain about her character Anya “You’ve seen in our society that women chant the words strong, independent however when it comes to representing these same women in the drama serials they are shown as weak, fragile and easily manipulated so that’s the specialty of my character Anya who is represented as a resilient woman that conveys a strong message to the people”

Ali Zafar:- I am teefa. My character basically represents that “gunda” of the streets.

Maya, if you were given the opportunity to do an item number, would you do it?

I dont have a problem with doing an item number, you know if it makes sense in the movie then i’ll do it. but you know there’s this cliche thinking that if there isn’t an item song then the film isn’t good so you know then i probably wont. so thats why we created the song “item number nahi karun gi”

So, your film is releasing 5 days before elections. Any guesses on who’s going to win the elections? 

Ali Zafar ” iss election Teefa jeetay ga”

How was the experience of doing your own stunts in the movie?

“Maya here got injured while we were shooting a song: we were doing a very difficult dance in freezing cold water for about 8 to 12 hours. So you know all of us were very tired along with being numb so there was this scene where I had to pick up Maya and spin her around, and it was during that she twisted her wrist. But still she managed to continue working to get it done. I also did most of my own stunts and by the blessing of God there weren’t any major injuries.”

Why did you choose Teefa in Trouble in Pakistan after working in Bollywood since 2008?

Ali Zafar:-  When I signed Tere Bin Laden in Bollywood, our industry wasn’t making films. However now, our film industry is rapidly growing. When I worked in Bollywood, I always wondered when will our film industry flourish and make films of international level. Working in Bollywood for 5-6 years, it was my wish when will our film industry make such films so, I decided to make it on my own.

Who, in your opinion would be given the title of Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian?

Ali was quick to jump in on this question answering with “ aik hai larki” but then silencing himself because obviously he didn’t want to say any names.. but we see you Ali Zafar.


Would You Rather

1. Would you rather be invisible for one day, or fly?

To which Maya Ali replied “ invisible” and Ali Zafar answered “ flying because I did this one stunt where I was practically flying and It felt really good to be in the air so I would pick that over being invisible”

2.Would you rather text or call?

Ali answered “ I prefer meeting rather than talking or texting” and Maya Ali replied “ text”

4.If you were stranded on an island which 3 things/people would you take with you?

Ali Zafar:” aik mera acoustic guitar, meri biwi, or dou meray bachay”

Maya Ali:” speaker, phone, hand- free

5. Saba qamar or mahira khan

Ali chose saba qamar where maya chose mahira khan

6. Hunza or Poland

Both them chose their country’s beauty Hunza

7. Osman Khalid butt or Fawad khan?

Maya answered the question by saying “Osman mera bohot acha dost hai and I’ve worked with him a lot so it’s only fair I choose  Fawad khan.


This or That

Netflix or Youtube.
Both:  Youtube.

 Biryani or Daal Chawal
Ali Zafar: Biryani

Saba Qamar or Mahira Khan
Ali Zafar:  Saba Qamar
Maya Ali: Mahira Khan

 Hunza Valley or Poland
Both: Hunza Valley.

 Maya this one is for you, Osman Khalid Butt or Fawad Khan.
Maya: Umm, Osman is a really good friend of mine and I’ve worked with him so, Fawad Khan.

Instagram or Twitter
Both: Instagram.

Chai or Coffee.
Both: Coffee.

Mann Mayal or Diyar e Dil
Maya Ali: Both

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