9 Facts About McDonalds We Bet You Did Not Know! Mashup

McDonald’s, the never ending fast food chain, never fails to surprise us. Here are some of the startling facts about the food chain we bet you did not know!

1. McDonald’s originally started out as a hot dog stand by two brothers Mac and Dick McDonald’s in 1937.


Even famous celebrities like Pink, Rachel McAdams, Jay Leno and Shania Twain and Sharon Stone worked at McDonald’s before gaining the celebrity status.


3. McDonald’s is also the world’s largest distributor of toys! Who knew!


4. McDonald’s is banned in some countries like Bermuda, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, and Montenegro. Unbelievable but true!


5. In 1968, McDonald’s airlifted hamburgers to homesick American Olympic athletes in France. How thoughtful!


6. The iconic golden arches of McDonald’s are the most recognized symbol. Even more than that of the Christian cross!


7. In Sedona, Arizona, the arches are colored blue instead of yellow, to make the location more kept up with the desert environment. The blue represents the sky while the building which is more red and orange resembles the surrounding terrain.


8. Vancouver, Canada is the only place in the world that had a floating McDonald’s in 1986. It was built for the World’s Fair and is abandoned since then. This needs to be introduced again!


9. In Hong Kong, McDonald’s offer a complete wedding package that costs around $1200 and includes a 2 hour rental of McDonald’s location, fifty invitations and gifts for fifty guests, McDonald’s balloons wedding rings, bridal bouquet, and apple pie display! That is some way to get married!


Did we blow your mind?

Kluchit Staff
Ramsha Tofique