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Classy attire, chic and stylish accessories and being called a well-dressed lady is the innate desire of every woman! They always want to look unbeatable.

Every day is a fashion show and the world is a runway” – Coco Chanel said it right. Yes ladies! Worth remembering! Dress up wisely! Walk sublimely!

Fashion has entrenched its roots so strongly in today’s life that without its presence, life is colorless. Be it clothing, make up, or home interior, fashion exists in every aspect of life.

Wearing the same clothes over and over again, choosing the same color schemes and keeping the same style for a long period of time won’t gratify you. Change is important. And the best part about fashion? It’s never constant or static. *woot woot* yes! It keeps on changing all the time. Whatever is in today will become outdated within a blink of an eye.

The fashion market is flourishing and making progress day by day. Fashion designers are working hard and bringing graceful apparels to gratify the demands of their customers. Having loads of variety to choose from, it is surely difficult to pick a specific item. The winter is just around the corner and we all need trendy and up to date items in our closets. So before you skim through different fashion blogs and articles here is the detail of Trends’15.

FAUX FUR VESTS: Nowadays these fur vests are on the apex of the trend list. Soft and smooth material oomph up these fur vests and add a chic look to your personality. They can be easily combined with your ripped skinny jeans, culottes, bell bottom pants and even with a dirndl skirt too! So many choices!

These are very warm and comfortable which is another plus point. Apart from plain white, black and brown, GREY is the color for this winter. Moreover, ombre and animal prints are trending too! Don’t forget to grab them! Can be found on the outlets of MANGO, SPLASH etc!

DENIM CRAZE! How about Denim jacket with denim jeans? Absolutely Yes! It Might sound crazy but believe it or not it’s the perfect combo. Moreover, Denim jackets can be used with printed or leather pants too.

PUFFER JACKETS!Another hit during fall season’15! Preferred for slim people as it gives a puffy look to your figure. Some of ‘em comes with belts so they won’t look shapeless.

Moreover, Traditional statement jackets looks quiet graceful. Vibrant colors and unique embellishments makes them more attractive and catchy. Floral, abstract and geometrical designs are eye appealing. Velvet jackets are in winter fashion trends too, it looks amazing in deep colors like red, blue and black. Perfect for evening wear.

Dress perfectly, shop wisely. And a very happy winter season to you all!

Contributed by: Ferwa Tahir.

Fahim is a kluchit member