Feroze Khan slams Hum Style Awards for making fun of his family What's Happening Now!

One of the most sought after actors, Feroze Khan gave a power packed performance at the Hum Style Awards 2018. However, what followed at the ceremony was what made him so upset that he had to tweet about it.

Feroze Khan said that he will boycott the platform if their award shows include him or his family in its jokes. The actor moreover stated that he is a part of it but not his family. “Watch before you speak,” he added.

“Next time even if an award show includes my family in any of their jokes. I will boycott that particular platform right there.

I’m a part of this not my family watch before you speak #HSA18,” he wrote.

He further stated:

The Hum Style Awards 2018 were aired last night on Hum TV where Feroze Khan and his family were the topics of a few jokes.

Do you think award show jokes should be taken lightly or is Feroze Khan right? Comment your answers below!