Fries around the world! Mashup

Some foods are pretty much universal, and one of those beloved foods is french fries. Whether you serve them home-style, in a carton or whatever.. From a paper bag…we bet you won’t just eat one. But not all French fries are like each other, not all are even made of potatoes, and condiments are definitely not the same around the world. Even if we don’t always agree on french fry toppings around the world, we do agree that french fries are a standard food to put on any menu.


1- USA
Chili Cheese Fries- Fries covered in chili and cheez wiz. Can include bacon bits or scallions. If I feel like treating myself I will DEF get this with ranch dressing. So good!

2- Netherlands & Belgium
Street fries- Fries that are served hot in cardboard cones by chip shops and street vendors and then topped with your fav condiments!

Kartofi Sus Sirene- Fries covered in a grated cheese called sirene (a salty, lemony cheese similar to feta).

4- Canada
Poutine- Made with gravy and cheese curds.

5- France & Denmark
Fries with Remoulade- Fries served with a mayonnaise-based sauce that includes various ingredients such as curry, spices, paprika, mustard, horseradish, lemon juice, and more.

6- Germany
Bratkartoffeln- Sliced potatoes pan fried with onions, bacon, and green peppers.

7- Kenya
Masala Chips- Fries coated in various seasonings such as cumin, tomato paste, garlic paste, turmeric, tandoori masala, chili powder, lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

8- Peru
Salchipapas- Fries mixed with pan fried sausage and covered in your choice of condiment.

9- UK & Ireland
Curry Chips- Made with curry powder or curry sauce mix. Saltier and sweeter than Indian curry.

10- Vietnam
Khoai Tay Chien- Fries coated in butter and sugar.

11- Spain
Patatas Bravas- Potatoes cut into thick chunks and smothered in chili-based paste and drizzled with creamy allioli.

12- India, Pakistan & Bangladesh
Chaat Masala Fries (Also known as Finger Chips)- Fries covered in amchoor (a sweet/sour powder made from green mango), kala namak (black salt), hing (asafetida), cumin, coriander, red chili, dried ginger, salt, and pepper.

Idk about you but im on a mission to try all these heavenly fries. And hey! Fries are also a big cure for breakups </3

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Kluchit Staff
Maryam Khurram