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They say it’s a man’s world but we care to disagree. Yes, discrimination takes place all over the world but we laugh it off when it comes to men and chant slogans of gender discrimination when it comes to women (where some name it as being feminists).

For men, especially jawan mard that the moms go sadkay waari over there is an obvious amount of discrimination going on in the food world. Restaurant staff has a totally different, perhaps a little harsh approach to young lads compared to women/girls (which is a great thing but puh-lease guys have feelings too!

A similar incident happened with this young lad, Ahmed Mehmood:

He went with his friends to Malir Cantt McDonald’s to get their steaming hot cup of coffee. After a wait of about 35 minutes, they went to the counter only to see that people who ordered after them were being served before him. After inquiring about the issue, he stated that the coffee machine is having some problem WHILE serving coffee to a group of young girls and then served them coffee in McDonald’s soda glasses WITH straws still in them. Upon inquiring, the person who took the order unapologetically shrugged, said they are out of cups  and disappeared into the kitchen behind the counter.

“Since it was a bunch of us, we started making a video on the lighter side just to have some fun, but when you think about it, it really is quite insulting as the lady even after we shot the video was served in that cup it is meant to be served in”, said Mehmood, the lad who shot the video.

“It is not about being served in the wrong cup/glass but the level of respect and customer care is much less when it comes to boys of our age which is highly insulting. Perhaps we wouldn’t have had an issue if the people after us had been served coffee in the same soda glasses as us”, he said.

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Another one of the boys said, ”Had it been someone else, they’d have created a much bigger scene since the staff was so discourteous and unapologetic with us only, but we laughed it off there.”

So at the end of the day, it is not only girls who go through different sorts of gender discrimination but guys too feel they should be given equal respect when it comes to things like this without being called ‘sissies’. We stand with the guys on this one. What about you?

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Go celebrate now, boys.

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