Gigi Hadid spending Eid with Zayn’s family in a Pakistani kurta is everything Celebs

You would think being a supermodel would mean constantly indulging in work, work, work. But somehow effortlessly Gigi hadid is always able to take out time for her loved ones. The supermodel has returned from her trip with UNICEF to the Jamtoli Refugee Camp in Bangaldesh. There the Victoria’s Secret star acted as an advocate for the Muslim minority Rohingya people. It’s not every day you get to hear that sort of stuff in the news. She is truly a good soul at heart.


Now some of you might be thinking that “isska kya kaam hai muslims say” but Hadid has a Muslim father, Mohammed, who was a Syrian refugee before becoming an American citizen. Although Gigi has never touched the subject of her religion, but her sister Bella told Porter magazine that she has always been, ‘proud to be a Muslim.’ Similarly the sisters have protested together against Donald Trump’s so-called ‘Muslim ban’ in 2017. I mean that says a lot on its own.

Gigi Hadid with her father Mohammad Hadid

Moving on, after finally getting the chance, the model flew out with her boyfriend to his home in Yorkshire, UK where she celebrate Eid-ul-Azha with Zayn, his younger sister Waliya and his mother. She posted a picture on her instagram story captioned “home for Eid” and we think it’s the most adorable moment ever!

Hadid sported an orange Almirah kurta and looked more desi than all of us combined.


Last year the young couple celebrated Eid with their mothers, Yolanda and Trisha, proving it’s always a family affair. Let us know how you feel about this whole situation in the comments section below.

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Lalarukh Khan