Gohar Rasheed’s tweet asking Jemima Khan to be a part of the Oath Taking Ceremony What's Happening Now!

It seems surreal almost now that Imran khan is our prime minister, it seems like yesterday his efforts to hold innumerable jalsas in an attempt to change the people’s thoughts and bring a change to his beloved country Pakistan. And now the countdown has finally begun for his Oath taking ceremony.

After Imran Khan’s heartfelt speech, the PTI family has just been growing day by day. One thing that absolutely warmed people’s heart was Jemima khan’s undying support for her Ex-husband. This is maybe why people are supporting Gohar Rasheed’s petition for Jemima khan to be present at the oath taking ceremony. Now we are all very curious about whether or not she will be there or not… we hope she is.

The actor tweeted out last night to his followers with the most sweetest tweet

“It is my humble request to the foreign ministry to please invite Ms. #JemimaKhan as an honourable guest in the oath taking ceremony of the new #PrimeMinisterOfPakistan we all owe her a special thanks due to many reasons this would be a best tribute to a sincere friend of Pakistan”

Pakistanis poured comments under the tweet, all in agreement that Jemima should be there – a few very certain she would be since she is the mother of our future Prime Minister’s children.

Many even suggested that Jemima khan should be honored at the ceremony as she has been by Imran khan’s side during the toughest years of his life, so its only fitting that she is there for him during his good times.

They tweeted in agreement with the actors statement

“Love you for saying that…yes she is beat…and she should come…as she contributed a lot.”

“I also want this Please @Jemima_Khan come To Pakistan In the Oath Ceremony of @ImranKhanPTI our New Prime Minister” 

@Jemima_Khan must be honoured in the prestigious event. As she owes Pakistan and Pakistani public owes her also. She deserves all the honours. Foreign Secretary must invite her.”

We hope Jemima khan hear’s the praise of the Pakistani Awaam, and makes a decision soon… BECAUSE WE CAN’T WAIT.