Grab your popcorn because Sadaf Kanwal just savagely responded to Mansha Pasha! What's Happening Now!

Mansha Pasha just tweeted a post targeting Hira Mani, Sadaf Kanwal and Momina Mustehsan which has spread like fire since yesterday.

To quote:

“From stole my husband from my best friend and cheated on my fiancee, to jab Me Too hota hai ussi waqt kiyon nahi boltein, to quotes from Uncle Ben and your friendly neighbourhood spider-man.

The women of this industry need to step up and learn to speak better.”

She targeted Hira Mani because of the story she told about how she met Mani, in an interview with Samina Peerzada. Sadaf Kanwal because she made a snarky comment on Tonight with HSY and Momina Mustehsan because of her response to Shireen Mazari’s criticizm on the song, Ko Ko Korina.

So Mansha Pasha being Mansha Pasha felt she just HAD to point it out.

Sadaf Kanwal on the other hand was quite amused with Mansha’s statement and responded in the most savage way everrrrrr! See it for youself:


The model suggested that the two should sit down and exchange advice. Meanwhile clearly throwing shade at Mansha Pasha by hinting that the actress has no idea how to dress!


Good going ladies, keep us entertained. It’s what you’re best at anyway.