Help this travel agency collect books for a public library in Hunza Travel

Who deserves books the most? Obviously, a place like heaven with the highest literacy rate in the country, Hunza Valley. Globetrotters Pakistan has taken an initiative to help collect books for a new public library in Hunza by running a book drive.

The main man behind this great initiative is a popular local, Farhad Hunzai, who has devoted himself for social work in the valley. He named the library after his father, “Alrehmat Learning Center”.

Osama Bangash and his team, from Globetrotters Pakistan have been on their feet to collect maximum books for the deserving people in the valley. Not only do they collect the books but personally deliver them to make sure they reach safely.

In conversation with Kluchit, Bangash stated that his aim is to spread education and smiles amongst the people in the valley. “When you give someone a book, you give them a possibility of a whole new world,” he said. He further stated that they are planning much more, not just for people of Hunza but all of Pakistan. “We will be conduct workshops and seminars regarding arts, crafts and creativity etc. That’s the most important thing in building up a person and think beyond limits.”

You can help donate to the book drive:


Contact: Globetrotters Pakistan or 0323-4341445

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