How to find the perfect Coat or Jacket It's a Man's World

Coat or jacket is an essential part of male wardrobe for any event or even when there is no event. The tailored fit jacket is like a key ingredient for a particular look. This garment never went out of fashion in history or today but has evolved to better suit the recent fashion.

Today, the variation in coats is massive. From different cuts and styles to solids and design patterns, the choice for a fashionista is huge. The hindrance always lies when one has to mix and match the jacket. Plain over check or vice versa or even check over check shirt, what is the set thumb rule this? Honestly, there are no rules. Just go with what makes you look dapper in the mirror.

However, one needs to keep a few things in mind when buying the right jacket.

First thing is the color or pattern. You should be able to see yourself in that coat, if it is just the coat, with a shirt and all accessories. Every place lets you try them on, so make sure you wear it there and then; imagine yourself looking in the mirror the way you’d wear it and with what. If there is even a slight doubt about the overall image , just let go of that piece and look for other.

When you find the right print/color it’s time for fitting and that is very very IMPORTANT! Look at each and every aspect of how the garment sets on your body. Crucial points to look at, first the shoulders. No bump or any crease popping up. Move your arms a bit, not the whole dance moves. Then comes the torso, just make sure the coat is smooth. Good places have double mirror for you to view the back but if not, you have to trust the tailor to tell you that its OK. For me, the fit plays whole deal either to keep or break the look.

Mostly, the coat styling is defined by the number of buttons it has. 3 button coats creates a slightly elongated front with a narrow V at the top. Though buttoned up, one might look a character from 50s gangster movie but for few it really works out. For 3 buttons, plain goes well rather than any pattern.

2 button coats are more common and have that everyone-can-wear sort of feel to it. The longer V at top and comparatively longer lapels gives a chic feel to the garment. With 2 button coat, one can go with Andy Warhol’s painting print to solid bold colors. It’s always great to experiment, go bold with just one jacket and you never know, it may be well perceived by others.

Single button coat is preferably for slim fit coats. With very long V on top, it gets quite weird for larger waist lines. A suggestion for single coat would be to have a nice metallic button rather than a plain matching button. This would definitely escalate the overall look of the coat.

In addition to all these, other factors to look at the coat is pocket flaps and inner lining. I always suggest to have a strong contrast lining. A bright red colored lining for a black coat or purple lining for dull grey coat is sight for sore eyes. Printed lining also makes a difference on an outer plain fabric coat look. Experimenting is the key. A good coat can help you achieve 20 different looks by just contrasting it with shirts, pants or even shorts.

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Team Kluchit