How to kill sugar addiction? Food For Thought

Is your sugar addiction getting to you now? We may love sugar but sugar doesn’t love us back not at least our waistline. Ever tried to commit yourself to say goodbye to those relentless cravings? And if you’re already in progress then try not to sabotage it with that cookies n cream mocha chiller from Gloria Jeans which is to die for. I mean, come on! Every now and then we all need that boost in our blood stream just to soothe our nerves, instead of brainstorming possible alternatives.

I’m in really bad shape.


We all know the negative effects of sugar so I won’t brag about it and the list just alarmingly keeps growing. Research says, that the sugar stimulates the same pleasure center of the brain as heroin or cocaine. Okay, so here are some ways to help you kill the flow:

Exchange fruits for sweets

It ain’t that hard. You just gotta switch to fruits, because they contain fructose and are metabolized differently. Do make sure to restrict your servings. Also, go easy on grapes or cherries, which have high sugar content. Some people can’t stop popping them.

Ditch artificial sweeteners

Remember one can of soda = 10 teaspoons of sugar. Just before you take another sip, reconsider it. Large amounts can make you desire sweet food. It actually changes your palate, so you need more and more to feel satisfied.

Vacuum your house

Literally vacuum, throw away all the junk. Especially sugary temptations. We need hero-like willpower to do that but hey, isn’t it better than having those ugly flabs? Sadly, we can’t control the environments we’re in but we can control what’s in our hands. Right?

Have a backup plan

If you think your new sugar-free diet is uncontrollable then right just when you’re about to pop that bite in your mouth.. Think of a way out scheme. More like distractions. Call a friend, watch movie, listen to some sad music haha! Or eat a piece of fruit etc etc.

You know what ultimately helped me? Actually eating the chocolate I was craving. Yep, I resorted to one of the oldest dieting tricks out there: Indulging in a square of super dark chocolate. By the third day, the cravings had stopped, and I enjoyed the food on my program — including a decadent fresh peach — rather than wishing for a processed sugar bomb. I also had more energy. As for my next cheat day… I resolved that it would be sugar-free.

P.S I wrote this while munching on some chocolate chip cookies.

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Kluchit Staff
Maryam Khurram