Hum TV Drama Yakeen Ka Safar has something Special in It!!! Magic Screen

Hum TV’s drama Yakeen Ka Safar is currently on air, and the response it is getting from the viewers is awesome. The intriguing storyline; the physical and emotional abuse that women have to face especially in the rural areas is something that is exceptionally presented in this drama. However, there is one significant aspect which should be brought to the limelight, and that is the establishing shots used for this play.

Before going further into its details, it is important to understand what establishing shots in a drama or a movie actually are. An establishing shot is usually the first shot of a new scene, designed to show the audience where the action is taking place. It is usually a very wide shot or extreme wide shot.

In Hum TV Drama Yakeen Ka Safar, the storyline is covering three situations in four different locations: Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Kutton in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir. To establish these four locations before start of their scenes, is where the production team of Yakeen Ka Safar has done a fabulous job. Below are some of the best pictures of these four locations, which very much relate to the establishing shots shown in this play, and most importantly, they also show how beautiful these places are.

Pictures from Karachi

Pictures from Islamabad

Pictures from Peshawar

Pictures from Kutton in Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir

Cast of Yakeen Ka Safar

The production team of Yakeen Ka Safar deserves tremendous applause for brilliant execution of this mega project. The Producer of this serial Momina Duraid without a doubt is doing an incredible job by producing dramas that depict the true grace of our nation. Then, the Director of this play Shahzad Kashmiri must be appreciated for making Yakeen Ka Safar a treat for its audience. Moreover, the Director of Photography (DOP): Tamin Nizami, Camera Operator: Ahsan Kashmiri, Assistant Cameraman Mansoor Baig, Art Director: Mirza Zeeshan Baig, Chief Editor: Mahmood Ali and Editors Tanveer Alam and Sufiyan Akbar Khan, all have done a phenomenal job to production wise make this drama a complete success.

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