“I wouldn’t mind heating up the food for my wife!”- Azfar Rehman Let's Get Vocal

You hate in him one drama serial, and love him in another. That is how Azfer Rehman has caught us up in the web of the character he plays. Be it acting, modeling, hosting or even directing; Azfar Rehman has done it all. His good looks and talent have made him a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

In an exclusive chat with Kluchit, Azfar revealed a lot about who he is and what he aspires to be.

You started very early on, at age 16 we believe, how did it affect your life?

It actually made me pretty conscious about my appearance and myself! Previously I never really used to worry about making connections, but being here for so long I now have realized how vital it is to make more friends while working on my talent.

Which project is the closest to your heart and why?
There are numerous projects that are very close to my heart however, the show “Tumhari Natasha” on HUM TV garnered some beautiful memories that will stay with me forever! I really enjoyed working in Nazr-e-bad which also got me nominations for my acting!

What do you look for in a script?

I definitely look for the strength of the character and try to see the different shades associated with it. A hardworking director is also very crucial for the script and then the channel that it is being made for is also important!

You recently starred in ‘Teri Meri Kahani’, what made you choose it?

This one was definitely for my fans! Many people I know and my fans especially thought that in the previous year I had done too many negative roles, so I wanted to do a different role! This project was it: something positive – a love story.


What was your most favorite part/moment while working with Saheefa Jabbar & Saboor Aly in the drama serial ‘Teri Meri Kahani’

I had brilliant co-stars! My first scene with Saboor on a very busy road which was basically a confrontation scene. There was yelling involved and she performed brilliantly which actually left me surprised. I feel she will have a very strong standing in the industry in the coming years.
As for Saheefa she is a great person. While being very professional she was also super fun to work with. Saheefa is very hardworking and gave purely an original performance.

You made the audience hate you (to some extent) in Nazr-e-Bad, why do you think that is?

I was playing a negative role so if the audience actually hates the character then that means I did my job right, haha! However it was because of the character, not only was he was greedy he was also a coward! Plus the element black magic generated more hatred towards the character.

Do you really think body aesthetics are important for landing a high profile role? What are your aims in this regard?

Well, if the character requires you to be that way, then definitely yes. Otherwise, I don’t think so and I strongly believe that at the end of the day it is your talent and performance that gets you the role.

How do you think your roles in Manto and Punjab Nahi Jaoungi evolved you as an actor?

Since Manto was with a revolutionary writer, it made me extremely responsible. I chose to do this film because it was the only light-hearted story in the film. Sarmad always brings out something totally different out of you. I had never done a role like it before where I had to do everything with the expressions so through it I learned how to act without dialogues.

Where as in Punjab Nahi Jaoungi the character resonates very much how I’m like in my life. I had a great time working on this film. It was like e a gift to me.

You had a very quiet wedding, with no fanfare whatsoever, any particular reason?

I believe family is sacred and just like religion it should be kept private. I do not like to make my personal affairs public so hence I choose to keep it quiet! Moreover my family also prefers to keep things low and I fully respect their choices.

Any serious career aspiration you had before you entered this industry?

I wanted to have an advertising agency of my own. I wanted to make ads and was also interested in filmmaking! I believe I have always wanted to become a Director.


What project would you consider as your ‘big break’?

The talk show on TV One is what I consider my big break.

What are your views about the recent surge in feminism or ‘Khud Khana Garam Kar Lo’ Movement?

Each to his own. It totally depends on your chemistry with your other half. I wouldn’t mind heating up the food for my wife!

What is feminism in your opinion?

Feminism is equality for both genders. So I believe if you’re well-educated and if your basic upbringing is right, everyone would be a feminist.

Who do you view yourself as?

A hopeless romantic
A veritable villain
A happy go lucky person
The boy next door