Around the globe with an ice cream bowl! Food / Mashup

The cool, creamy, luxurious dessert that we call ice-cream is craved by people across the globe because well, you can’t really resist it regardless of your ethnicity. Even though ice-cream does look, taste and is served differently in every country, however, we can assure you that each kind of ice-cream will make your mouth water and have you crying, begging, pleading for a taste! Take a look at them and see for yourself:

United States of America

American soft serve is the classic ice-cream that most of us know and love. Basically, the ice cream is made by churning cream and/or milk, sugar and sometimes eggs in cold temperatures and then later adding the flavoring to create a yummy treat. It is then served in a bowl, on a waffle cone or in the form of a sundae with plenty of toppings. Although, recently American ice cream enthusiasts have come up with various innovative flavors such as cookie dough, mint chocolate chip and beer flavored ice cream, however, Vanilla still manages to scoop the No. 1 spot as America’s favorite ice cream flavor- guess simplicity is beauty, right?



Japan created its own delicious hybrid dessert by combining ice cream with mochi, which is a classic Japanese sweet made by pounding sticky rice into a soft texture. Mochi ice-cream consists of golf ball- sized mochi balls stuffed with different flavors of ice-cream such as green tea and bean. This Asian- American fusion dessert quickly became popular all around the world!



As far as Italians are concerned, gelato and ice cream are not the same thing. Well, they might not be the same but they certainly belong to the same family of pure deliciousness. Italian gelato is just a bit denser and milkier than traditional ice cream. The good news is that gelato contains less fat than ice cream- which means you can eat more of it! *wink wink*



Israelis took their own spin on ice cream i.e. Halva ice cream! And why not? Halva is a sweet Israeli specialty made from sesame seeds mashed into sugar and honey. It is delicious, festive and perfectly complements ice cream. It will satisfy your wild sweet tooth for sure!



Leave it to the French to turn even the simplest things into delicacies! A popular ice cream enjoyed by the elites of France is the Foie Gras Ice-cream, which is made from the specifically fattened liver of a duck. Weird? Well maybe to you. To the French, it is a decadent dessert that is only enjoyed by the monetarily fortunate.



Iran is famous for its fruity, rose flavored ice-cream called Faloodeh. Its distinctive feature is the thin Vermicelli noodles frozen with cornstarch that it is topped with. The fruity, rosy flavor of this frozen Persian dessert combined with the cool noodles is bound to get you drooling over it on a warm day.



Guys! Turkey has ice cream that doesn’t melt into a sloppy mess! Brace yourselves for the traditional Turkish ice cream: Dondurma. It is thickened with salep which is a flour made from orchids. So it is stretchy ice cream, yep, like taffy. Dondurma street vendors have fun with its pliability- Wowing passersby by performing tricks with it on a stick. So who’s up for a visit to Turkey?! I know I am!



Looks like the noodle idea isn’t specific to Iran! Instead of serving them on the side, Germany turns the whole ice cream into the shape of Spaghetti. Commonly the spaghetti is made from vanilla ice cream and then topped with strawberry sauce to make it look like traditional savory spaghetti. Yum! If sweet, creamy spaghetti doesn’t get you all excited then I don’t know what will.



Singaporeans came up with an unorthodox way to serve their ice cream- They serve it in multi-colored bread. Yes, bread! So you can enjoy your creamy, sweet treat wrapped in soft, fresh toast. Talk about innovation!


Last but not least- PAKISTAN!

Even though Pakistanis enjoy ice creams in various forms and flavors, however, the traditional ice cream of Pakistan is the ever-yummy Kulfi. It is made by cooking milk until it turns into a thick mixture called ‘khoya’, after which nuts and other flavoring is thrown into the mix. It is served frozen on a stick. Definitely a dessert that you can never get tired of!


We’re pretty sure that now you’re all ready with your ice cream bowl in hand, ready to travel the world- for the sake of ice cream!


Kluchit Staff
Ramsha Khan