If your Whatsapp group chats don’t end up like this, they aren’t your true friends TBH Blog Buffet

Who doesn’t love hanging out with friends? Posting all those chic insta and snapchat stories isn’t an easy task. The real struggle lies behind making the plan successful.

You try and keep up with the group chat, but the second you look away, you’ve missed out on thousand memes and a game plan that’s buried amongst them. The red notification reads in the hundreds, and you have at least one missed video call from a friend.

1: Somebody initiates making plans.

It all starts with a text from a friend because she/he misses you or is bored and wants to hang out. What’s everyone upto? seems a simple question, not really. You were already going through your schedule and wait for someone else to reply.


2. Nobody Responds

At first, everybody’s busy or likely not by their phones. Some people may see the message and choose to ignore it for a few minutes while, others won’t respond until hours later.


3: The group chat is chaotic AF!

This is where your phone can’t stop lighting up. You’ll be busy in playing PUBG or  having dinner with family. You’ve to flip your screen to the back side and turn the ringer off because hearing the “ding!” go off every five seconds is causing such a scene. Abruptly, everybody has something to say, and that’s when a thousand ideas get thrown onto the table.


4: Somebody’s always hungry

There’s always one friend who has food on their mind. This is the person in your squad who’s basically Joey, whose love for food is never ending. The chat will be in serious phase but that one friend will never miss a chance to bring in food. (Well, that’s me)


5: No one knows where to go

Everybody has a place in mind they want to go. Whereas, No one knows where in the world they want to go. One of you has to make compromise or come up with new hang out spot. One which isn’t mainstream.


6: Everyone starts talking about something else

At this point of the conservation there’s one friend who diverts everybody’s attention towards a different topic.  One friend starts talking about her/his relationship drama, and the next found a meme.


7: Finally, a decision had been made

Thank goodness, am I right? Somewhere amongst all of the memes and chaos, you and your friends have finally made a decision. There’s so much to catch up on, even though you’ve spent all day talking and planning the next trip.


8: One friend who bails out at last moment

Every friends group has that one friend who seems excited from the beginning but, at the end they bail out by making an excuse (Yar Ammi se permission nahi milli). 


Nudrat Ikhlaq