Is Mawra Hocane a regular human or a super human? Celebs

It is often presumed that “artist loug” don’t study as much as normal people do. Well, Mawra Hocane totally beat this misconception down by receiving a special commendation from The Institute of Legal Studies for scoring 3 merits in her 2nd year. Wow! As we all know that this isn’t effortlessly achieved- but Mawra made it look easy.

“It definitely gives me a sense of achievement because the process of working hard and getting excellent results immediately gives you a lot of validation,” Mawra said.

It isn’t easy to handle studies and being an artist at the same time. Bringing these marks inspired the famous actress and model to achieve better marks next year than she did this year! That is SOME motivation.

“I am left with one set of exams and I am aiming for a First class degree so there’s still a lot of studying to go till I can see my career shape up,” Mawra said. “However, for me, it’s not about the career; it’s more about acquiring the knowledge and achieving excellence in whatever field I step into and I’ll never stop doing that,” she added.

Interestingly enough, the actress wasn’t supposed to give her last exam and she had to fly out to LUX TVC shoot and hadn’t prepared for her exam. Eventually, she gave the exam without preparation and ended up scoring the highest in that exam!

Go you Mawra! Keep making us all proud. We wish you good luck from the bottom of our hearts.


Kluchit Staff
Merub Ali