Is the ban on Veere Di Wedding justified? Blog Buffet

After the ban of the most anticipated film of the year (yet), a lot of questions have been raised. Was it banned because of the feminist approach? Women Empowerment? Vulgarity or what?

According to PEMRA, they’ve banned the movie on the basis of vulgar/foul Language, PG scenes, encouragement in getting divorce. After every second or we can say no dialogue is complete without the use of foul words and excessive use of drugs. The empowered women, which they were trying to display in the movie is not something Pakistani should get inspiration from.

The movie revolves around 4 friends and highlights all the problems caused by men in the life of all 4 of them. Whether that man is a father, husband, boy-friend. It seems that the movie does not really has proper setting of scenes because suddenly one of the friend breaks up in the middle of her marriage and all 4 of them run away for a so called honeymoon which seems like a chunk borrowed from of from Sex and The City.


As media has creates a great influence on our minds. Especially the minds of youth. Do you really want our young generation to get spoiled by encouraging them to use foul languages and becoming drug addicts? The ban by PEMRA

on this movie is clearly justified because media nowadays is playing an important role in the grooming of our
society. People get easily inspired by those who they idealise.

To some extent, I believe that PEMRA has performed its job in a responsible way. For saving our youth from getting an encouragement for using drugs, gender discrimination and using vulgar language in their life. For not letting them forget their culture and values.

That being said, equal attention NEEDS to be paid to the type of movies focusing on men, using drugs, foul language and what not.

Contributed by: Nudrat Ikhlaq

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