Jalal Sons – Add new flavours in Muffin and we love it Kluchit Says

Is it only I or others too find certain happiness when see Jalal Sons bag and know there is something to eat in it. Kluchit.com received 3 cupcakes from Jalal sons to try and review the product. The bag contained 3 small boxes, each carrying a single cupcake; Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry and Lemon! Visually, both cupcakes; Strawberry and Lemon, do not look much apart except from their respective color. The chocolate cupcake stood prominently apart.

For anything baked and has sponge, the bubbles in the sponge say a lot. The more the bubbles, lighter and fluffier the cupcake would be. Jalal sons got what I refer to as the ‘Right Bite’. To define this, it is something which does not crumble too much when biting it. It is not way far moist and gooey nor is it too dry, baked to perfection. Each cup cake has a relevance bite. The overall presentation lacked creativity but that got compensated for the flavor. Today with so many brands baking and selling cup cakes, bring a leading brand does not mean you let go off the look of your product. Apart for being tasty, the product is quite economical too. A must try for those relaxing evening tea or for that late night cravings.


Contributed by: Team Kluchit.

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