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Warning: Spoilers included.


Kluchit covered the premiere of Azfar Jafri and Osman Khalid Butt’s Janaan yesterday at Cinestar, Township. The meeting with the stars of the show was followed by the exclusive, invitation only movie premiere.

The movie is extremely rich in heritage and culture. It depicts a lot of old tradition and focuses on tribal relationships which have been going on for decades. We absolutely adore the cinematography of the movie. It’s well scripted and the strip of humor is truly overwhelming. Humor that makes you guffaw a lot in Pakistani movies is hard to find and this movie has on point comedy but that’s not all. It also has a very unpredictable story line. The movie emphasizes on rape culture and shows male harassment through a very bold script. That’s a first for a Pakistani comedy movie and it’s been pulled off perfectly.

Talking about the main characters, we were in for a surprise. The heart throb Bilal Ashraf may have captured our hearts but did not capture the role of the short tempered Asfandyar very well. We feel that the character was quite strong and Bilal could have fit in more but even then, he did a fantastic job swiping us off our feet.

There are only some actors in the Pakistani industry that can make people chuckle with delight and Ali Rehman Khan is one of them. He did an outstanding job with his expressions, acting and what not. He made the movie go a notch higher than it was.

Armeena Khan, the maiden, entertained the audience with her melodious character. The team couldn’t have gotten a better female lead to fit the main role.

Like every movie, this film is accustomed to criticism too. The only noticeable cringe was that Asfandyar’s acting had an uncanny resemblance to Sindharth Malotra’s acting from Kapoor and Sons. Yes, the whole cinema noticed.

To all the Hareem Farooq fans, we love the gorgeous Pakistani sensation but to our dismay, we only got to see her for a few moments in the movie just like Osman’s guest appearance but both of them rocked those little movie moments!

Over all, the movie is a must watch. We don’t know about rotten tomatoes’ rating but Kluchit advises you to book the first show ticket right now! This is one movie you’d have a great time watching on Eid at the cinema. (We all know that good Pakistani movies are rare and even rarer is them being released on DVD soon so the cinema is your way to go!)

Kluchit Staff

Ayesha Muzaffar