Jeremy McLellan attended a Pakistani wedding and his family looks so adorable! What's Happening Now!

Last year, US comedian Jeremy McLellan visited Pakistan. During his trip, he seemed quite inspired and fully enjoyed Pakistani culture. He celebrated 14th August, Patriotically with Pakistanis. His tweets about Biryani, Pindi boy. Love for Chai, Calling Chipkali his little friend. Jeremy’s comedy on Pakistani Politics and Memes he posts on his Daughter Jewell. Recently Jeremy McLellan attended a Pakistani wedding, along his wife and Jewell.

He tweeted about attending a Pakistani Wedding. Which gave us the scenario of him being that One Gora friend, who you invite at your wedding. And their Cute little baby stole all the attention at the event.

Jeremy’s wife beautifully carried that desi dress. Seeing a Gora in Desi dress is always adorable. As I mentioned, Jewell stole the show by looking adorably cute in her little Lehnga Choli. Jeremy’s pictures were loved by his fans.

Jeremy and His wife got along the desis quite perfectly at the wedding. Jeremy would have made his family complete Pakistani by wearing Kurta and Shalwar. But at the end, the gesture was cute.

Nudrat Iqhlaq

Nudrat Ikhlaq

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