Keeping up with Khan/Makhdoom : The drama comes to an end! What's Happening Now!

British-Pakistani boxer Amir Khan and wife Faryal Makhdoom have decided to reconcile their fight and clear the “misunderstandings” between them. The argument had been going on since a few days and people were waiting for any response from either side. Faryal says that it was all a misunderstanding – and she’s finally ready to talk about it. Many screenshots of the messages below were taken:

Shortly after, Amir went ahead and posted this apology on twitter.

He said that he is still leaving Faryal because the relationship is very toxic for both of them. (And we agree!) He, then proceeded to tweet at Joshua about the whole misunderstanding.

However, this whole situation just ensures the theory we had. But why make a fool of yourself just to get a reality show or attention? There are many other positive ways to draw attention to yourself, guys. This was totally not cool – I really didn’t expect anything like this from either of them. People are mad about the fact that they ruined each other’s and their daughter’s life just for 7 seconds of fame. A publicity stunt this big was definitely not a good idea.
Hopefully, this is the last we see of the Khans’ drama. Comment below what you think of this issue and let us know about your opinions!

Kluchit Staff
Merub Ali