8 things only girls from Kinnaird can relate to! Blog Buffet

By reading the title, a thousand stereotypical analogies have probably entered your mind already. But one thing you should know is that being a Kinnaird student is definitely not a walk in the park. Us students don’t have it easy, you know. Before ‘parhaii’ working on our appearance for 2 hours is a must. Here is a breakdown of what goes on in the life of a Kinnaird student.

Making it to the 8 AM classes

Running from the gate (creeping past the ‘bag check karnay wali aunties’) baal sambhaltay huway, they somehow make it to the class only to wait for the teacher to make their entrance 30 minutes later.


Make up is a must
While some of us drag ourselves out of bed lazily and make our way to our respective classes, other students like to bring their ‘make up kits’ and stand in the washroom for 2 hours just so they can do their make-up and look ‘on fleek’ for their classes.


Garam garam Fries
Whether it’s 40 degrees outside, or freezing cold, as long as you wait in the queue for 10 minutes just so you could savour the taste of those hot fries, you’re considered a true ‘kcite’.


Blasting the speakers
Just because listening to the songs on headphones has become too ‘mainstream’, they like to blast the speakers with ‘dil diyaan gallan’ echoing throughout the whole campus because why not?


Spending half the time in the cafeteria
Let’s just say the cafeteria has become a second home to many. It’s where we like to ‘lounge around’ and gossip.

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Judging others
After a hectic day of consecutive classes, it’s a must for us to sit down and critically analyse every girl that passes by and her choice of outfit and hell even make a joke out of it if we’re in the mood.


7. struggle to reach the deadlines

The struggle is real when we’re all dying to complete our work and even occasionally falling to the teachers feet begging her to extend the deadline. but all effort goes in vain.

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8. Presentations, and Final Projects?More like The Day of Judgement

Ah presentations! what a wonderful creation. Its the time where our bodies play tricks on us which we didn’t know we were capable of doing. From sweating profusely, to shaking legs, to a dry AF tongue, its hard standing in front of an audience and presenting, isn’t it?


People think its always sunshines and rainbows and atif aslam concerts for us kcites but to be fair there’s a lot that goes on behind the curtains that people do not see.


Lalarukh Khan
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