“Kyun Nikala is not referring to Nawaz Sharif” – Anwar Maqsood What's Happening Now!

A Man of Qalam Anwar Maqsood, his work is incredible; a fascinating blend of mind, for political parody and pure Urdu that others may can’t bring a flawless piece of work even a sample sentence. Each word he composes is precisely weighed to convey affect; the jokes, the accounts and the delays bound with energetic feeling.

With Kyun Nikala?, a play introduced to be staged this  August, Maqsood returns to stage after three and a half years, collaborating once again with Dawar Mahmood of KopyKats Productions.

“Individuals are thinking about whether the title of the play is referring to Nawaz Sharif however it isn’t,” he says. “It’s the story of a Bengali servant who has been working in the place of a PML-N house in Lahore for a long time. The story is about him and on the grounds that we’re going to have decisions, it is themed around elections.

“All the different political parties nominating in the scene – PML-N, People’s Party, Imran Khan, Fazal-ur-Rehman and the MQM – and it remarks on what really occurs during decisions, how cash guarantees wins and presentations are made.”

The point come to mind is whether his ending scene of play will be changing after the result of elections? According to his fair play he hopes for the best and the regardless of work his play remain same no matter what time comes to.

His belongings’ seems to quite anxious for the elections. Anwar has keen interested in politics for which we can see through his writing work is dominated by blunt commentaries on current affair.

Anwar Maqsood disclosed his love to Pakistan and his nations he continues with his fair loyalties is not for only political society his pure tone shows the love for this nation.


Rabia Saleem