Lahore Food Meet Featured Fav

Tantalizing aromas, sizzling of gurda champ, Arif Chatkharara’s tawa pieces, liquid nitrogen ice cream rolls to Kashmiri Chai; Lahore Food Meet had it all, if not, more. The event went on from 9th to 11th December in Gulberg Galleria and managed to attract quite an audience. With almost 50 stalls comprising of different restaurants, startups and home cooks, Lahore Food Meet was a raging success!

Even though, it started a little late than the given time, the event managed to build up and lived up to the expectations of the attendees. Arif Chatkhara House, all the way from Old Lahore and Mad Hatters Creamery with their “make your own ice-cream rolls challenge” remained a big hit throughout the event. Other stalls that especially stood out were Loca Taco, Potato Fotato and Kaka Gurda Champ among many others. It especially opened gates for the home bakers with their too good to be true cakes, brownies, cookies etc.
Although food wasn’t the only thing offered by Lahore Food Meet. Traditional hand painted chapals and kola poori’s, Pashmina shawls and jewelry stalls also attracted a lot of female audience. With music, amazing discounts by Finja and the perfect type of well mannered crowd, Lahore Food Meet was everything a Lahori wants on any given day. Event Bazaar and USB Event Management deserve a round of applause for their brilliant effort!

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Team Kluchit