Lipstick shades you really need to get your hands on this summer! Beauty

Lipsticks always help polish your look. No matter what you are wearing, the lipstick on your lips brightens your entire look. This summer, spice up your ravishing look with the trendiest shades of lipsticks.

DARK RED: To give yourself a really shimmery look when you are wearing a light colored dress, put on a dark red shade of lipstick. No matter how much you think you are out of touch with fashion, red will definitely bring out the ‘HOT’ in you.

NUDE PEACH: Nude peach lipsticks are really trending these days when it comes to giving off a subtle look.

BURBERRY: Neutrals and humdrum shades of lipsticks are trending with every passing day. The Hydrating Burberry lip shade is in ultimate demand this season, because knotting your hair up tight and applying the ravishing Burberry lipstick ideally gives you a very classy look.

FUCHSIA: Fuchsia and Plumy Orangey shades also give you a very soft look. The softer you appear, the younger you look hence fuchsia and orangey lipsticks shades are top sellers this summer.


Contributed by: Mahnoor Javed.