Know your make-up brushes Beauty

Makeup brushes are essentials to well blend any makeup. They serve as a sole to every cosmetic on your dressing table. I myself have a set of 12 makeup brushes each with a distinctive use making my life much easier. Today I am going to share the use of each one of the 12 brushes with you as for the basic knowledge of you all.

Also it must be kept in mind that low quality and loose fibrous brushes can give you a disastrous makeup look so always go for the popular brands when buying them.

To start with ;

Foundation  Brush
As the name shows it blends the base. Take out some foundation on your palm and pick some with the foundation brush. Start blending it starting from the center of your face and eventually moving outwards. Keep blending until all the makeup lines are smooth.

Powder Brush

A loose fibrous powder brush is used to apply powder to the face by dabbing it lightly on the surface of the powder and then blowing the extra amount before applying to the face. A more firm powder brush is advisable for application of powder to the cheeks.

Beauty Blender

Although not a brush but the most effective medium for foundation application. A sponge that is mostly tear shaped is dabbed on the face constantly with the pointed edge covering the smallest of the areas e.g. corners of the eyes. It is also less time consuming.

Angled Bush

The slanted bristles of the angled brush makes it convenient to apply powder to face slants smoothly i.e. from cheek bones to side buns.

Concealer Brush

Concealer brush has taken the concealer application to a whole new level. It gives coverage to all the dark areas of the skin no matter how miniature they are. It also blends concealer well on the blemishes and pimples for a smoother look.

Eye shadow application brush

Separate brushes are used for eye shadow application and blending. Eye shadow application brush is used to apply any eye shadow evenly whether in powder or cream form.

Eye shadow Blending Brush

This evenly blends out all the loud eye shadow marks. Moreover it can also be used to blend your highlighter on the upper lip (Cupid’s bow) and your eyebrow bones.

Liner Brush

The angled liner and a normal liner brush comes in this category. The normal liner brush is for simple liner application while the angled liner brush authenticates the application of wing.

Smudge Brush

As the name indicates it is well known for its use in smoky eye makeup blending the matte blacks and browns for a classy look. Also it smudges the shadow on the lash line perfectly leaving no vacant spaces.

Fan Brush

This one is used for further smoothing of the blush and bronzer giving a softer look. Also it can be used for cheekbone contouring.

Eyebrow Brush

An eyebrow brush has two sides. The comb is used to comb the eyebrow to keep all the hair in place while the brush side is used to blend the brow pencil for a natural look. Also sometimes the com side is used to comb the lashes before mascara application to avoid clumping.

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