Munch Wihout the Manji Kluchit Says

When we heard of the restaurant Manji Munch, we were ecstatic because the idea of munching traditional delicious food while chilling on manjis was very appealing. Unfortunately, our experience at Manji Munch was all the munch but without the manji; it had the same old plastic chairs and tables that you see at every other open air restaurant. However, the owner did promise that he planned on expanding the restaurant so we have our fingers crossed!  Even though the set up was disappointing, Manji Munch was able to redeem itself through the delicious food.

First of all, it is completely mandatory to point out their cool, innovative menu cards! Colorful and brilliantly designed, it was clear that much effort had been put into creating them.

After we got over our fascination with the menu cards, we ordered the Lahori platter from the Naashta section. It consisted of crisp puris, perfectly sweetened Halwa and exceptionally tasty channay and aalo.

The Nehari made our mouths turn into waterfalls as soon as it arrived! The meat was succulent and the gravy was full of heavenly flavor. We could not have enough of it and basically licked the plate clean (not literally). The Kulcha, however, lacked freshness and did not do justice to the Nehari.

Last, but certainly not the least, was the lassi. Even though it was leaning towards the bland side and we would have much preferred it to be sweeter, however the chilled, frothy lassi served in traditional steel glasses was the perfect end to a delicious breakfast.

We returned home with Nehari stained clothes, bellies sticking out and wide grins on our faces. It is clear that the food at Manji Munch is worth going back for- with or without the manjis!

Kluchit Staff
Ramsha Khan