Mushk mesmerized audience What's Happening Now!

Mushk had Lahore wrapped in its aura this last weekend and gave audience a true emotional roller coaster ride experience. I remember while talking to Sania Saeed and Nimra Bucha, couple of days before Mushk was staged that what will be I be going home with once I watch Mushk?, they said whatever you would like to take home, as the story will only give you what you will want to carry home. And it is how it was as they both said it. As an audience you will have options to take either smile with you or that slight moisture of tears in your eye or maybe a sense of mind twisting suspense.

Not going to give a single hint of about the story line as the play is headed towards Islamabad as I hit keys on my laptop. They will be playing in Islamabad and later in Karachi. I am glad that we, Lahoris, got the first look at the grand performance of 2 of the best actresses Pakistan has today. Now, as I was there to watch the play on last day, lot was said how the play was. I have to give my readers of what I thought how the play was but not so much. I really do want readers from Karachi and Islamabad to go and watch it.

So the first bit which got me spellbound was the stage. The complete setup was made around Sophiya, a narcissist novel writer. I loved how they managed the natural sounds and feelings within their stage décor. Rabia Qadeer and Seemal Nauman, writers for Mushk (the fragrance), kept the audience judging as in who is taking over the other. At times one might feel that Zoya has taken over Sophiya where as in just moments after that it would be Sophiya ruling over Zoya. The push and pull of both characters was as entertaining as it could be. To be fair with my readers, I went in there for Sania Saeed but came out with as larger respect for Nimra Bucha. Olomopolo Media did an amazing job by showcasing such a theatrical performance for Lahore. Our theatre needs performances of such magnitude, so that theatre loving audiences come back to what once was a great entertainment for our city. PR was done by Mosh Diaries