Naan combos we love/hate Mashup

Naan is one of the oldest and most popular flatbreads normally served with a gravy based dish. It originates from India but is eaten in most homes and restaurants around the Globe. It has transformed from a basic form of bread to many experimental creations with fillings and flavours by food enthusiasts like Maro Tadoors, Naan Stoppa, Mr Sheeda, The Manji Munch etc. But let us devour naan in all its originality.


During the Mughal era in India from around 1526, Naan accompanied by Qeema or kebab was a popular breakfast food among the royals. And it still is! People who do not like naan + qeema are the kind of negativity you need to stay away from in your life. Best.combo.ever!


Nutella/chocolate naan has been taking the country by storm, and for good reason too. The neutral, slightly salty flavour of naan complements the rich, sugary sweetness of nutella perfectly, thus making a to-die-for combo. It is pure, gooey bliss, and we’re living for it.

Moving onto combos we hate, these combinations seem just plain wrong, but if they’re your thing, no one can stop you from liking them. You do you.


It’s hard to believe that anyone would like this combo, but there’s lots of people out there that do. No disrespect to them, it’s just not our cup of tea because it’s a recipe for blandness, the slightly salty naan with the slightly sweet cream just doesn’t do much for us.


You take a dry thing and combine it with another semi-dry or dry thing. What do you get? Yes, a congested throat! Try this and hold on to your dear life if you start gagging. If you happen to enjoy this combo, we won’t judge you (maybe just a little).


Apparently, this was quite famous with our aba-o-ajdaad. Naan and piyaaz combo goes way back and is now mainly used as a stuffed naan option nowadays but still… Yukh!! Who’d ever?!

Well whatever combo of naan you like/ dislike, naan will always be close to our hearts. And writing this article has really got my stomach rumbling. You think of what you like with naan while I am off to get myself some.

Kluchit Staff
Razia Razi