Nutella tap, coffee in a cone and ice cream rolls challenge – all at Lahore Food Meet Kluchit Says / What's Happening Now!

We’ve all dreamed of adding Nutella in every single thing possible. Be it a naan, samosa, pizza etc but have you ever thought about Nutella coming out of a tap, that too in Pakistan?! Well, we can all thank Mad Hatter’s Creamery for introducing such a thing. And the best part is, it is available at Lahore Food Meet.

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Lahore Food Meet, which is to take place on 9th 10th and 11th December in Gulberg Galleria has up to 50 eateries all under one roof! Kluchit’s favorite among them is Mad Hatter’s Creamery who have opened up a Nutella dreamland for us! They have promised us a Nutella tap, Nutella hot chocolate, coffee in Nutella covered chocolate cone, Nutella fondue with ice cream and toppings and the best of all, ICE CREAM CURLS CHALLENGE! We have all seen a video taking over the internet with curled ice cream rolls and were fantasized by it being oddly satisfying. Mad Hatter’s Creamery is giving us the opportunity to make the ice cream curls/rolls ourselves, and if we are successful, we’ll get the whole cup for free! So head over to the mad Hatter’s Creamery stall at Lahore Food Meet and try their challenge at #LFM! Because we definitely will!

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Team Kluchit