Options- needs more options! Food For Thought

Want to sell washing powder? Get a woman to act all house-wifey in the advertisement. Selling a car? Get a woman to sit on it. Shoes? Toothpaste? Milk? Smart phone? Tea bags? Get a pointless woman to dance around for God knows what reason. Instead of focusing on the actual product you are selling, focus on the pointless woman– such is the mentality of these campaigners. It has become sort of a trend to get women, completely unrelated to the product, to campaign for it or just exist in it. This trend, to every foodie’s dismay, has trickled down to restaurants as well. For instance, the advertising committee of Options, Lahore, did not believe that the chef and even the food would be enough for the campaign and hence, resorted to include women who seemed like washed up models in Halloween costumes. You would barely even notice the food!

Really, please enlighten us as to what purpose these women serve here?

What even? It’s like she got rejected by the modeling industry so she thought it would be a good idea to show off her mad skillz at restaurant campaign. Good for her. I’m sure the people from the modeling industry are regretting their decision now.

The main question is: WHY? Is the food so unpleasant looking that you include such ridiculous women in your campaigns to actually distract us from the hideous looking food? Well, if that’s the case then congratulations. Mission accomplished!

Ideally, and most restaurants in the West have a completely different approach to campaigning; a logical one I would say.

Well firstly, the main should  always be the food.

Doesn’t this immediately make your cravings go wild?

The campaigns should make you feel like you absolutely NEED that particular food in your life. Not the girl around it.

Our  restaurants really need to bring up their game in terms of advertising and put an immediate stop to hiring pointless, wannabe models. The chef should make the food itself become the center of attention instead of getting surrounded by models himself to get the praise.  Yeah sorry ladies, time to stop destroying the food industry and look for other opportunities to show off your mad skills.

Kluchit Staff
Ramsha Khan