This is what you need to have for breakfast if you’re planning to vote Food

Breakfast is considered to be the most essential meal, providing us with energy for whatever decision is to be made ahead. Since, the elections are almost here and people seem quite enthusiastic to vote. Why not we talk about, what should you have in breakfast before voting?.


Eggs provide us with vitamins, minerals, proteins and energy. An egg has B12 which cannot be found in any other food item. Eggs are quite perfect food. It helps to boost up your brain cells which is helpful in decision making. You can take it in boiled form or fried form such as cheese omelette . Yum


Yogurt is almost enriched with all nutrients. It has Calcium, vitamins and minerals. And is also considered high in protein food item. It boost your immune system and benefit the health of heart. A bowl of yogurt will freshen you up and an ideal breakfast choice.

Chai (tea) and Coffee

No breakfast is complete without having a cup of chai or coffee. Both of these beverages contain caffeine which not only boost your brain but, gives an amount of energy to your body. It improves your logical thinking as well. It keeps your body temperature normal and works perfectly in a decision making situation.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away. All of us are familiar with this proverb. Taking an apple in breakfast can also be proved helpful while going to vote. It improves brain health and cognitive performance. It reduces the risk of hypertension as well.

Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate contains magnesium, iron and fiber. It improves blood flow with a significant decrease in blood pressure. It protects your skin from sun damage which will be helpful if there will be a hot sunny day on election day. You can also take it in form of a creamy drink.


Banana Milkshake

It’s summer and bananas are easily available in markets. Bananas are high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is easily digestive and helps in proper functioning of your body. A banana also boost your energy level and lessens the risk of heart disease.

Oatmeals with berries 

A cozy-bowl of oatmeals with seasonal berries as topping will be a perfect healthy breakfast. It is rich in fiber and slowly burns carbohydrates that instantly delievers energy to your body and brain as well for a long day ahead.

AND OF COURSE BIRYANI WHEN YOU GET BACK!!!! Just don’t get bribed with ot~


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