Pakistani celebrities people LOVE to HATE Celebs

There are a number of celebrities that we all love to hate. Heck, they do not even play negative roles/villans in films/dramas yet there is something about them that is cringe worthy to some people. So here goes:

Mawra and Urwa Hocane


It is no surprise that these sisters are two of the most hated girls in the industry for the stupidest reasons. Mawra is hated for her statuses on social media in which she overly supports India and has earned the title of “Tiddi”.

Veena Malik


She is mainly judged for the decisions she has made in her past. She is very controversial but went past the limits when she did a cover shoot wearing nothing with ISI printed on her arm. Also, her spot in Big Boss landed her in a hot mess after she got close with an Indian celebrity. Later she ditched everything and hosted a Ramzan transmission called “Astagfar”. However, and apparently, she has left it all behind and is living with her husband and 2 kids in Dubai.

Sahir Lodhi

The wannabe Shahrukh Khan of Pakistan, Sahir Lodhi, is also one of the most hated and controversial people of the industry. He sparked anger in people when he insulated a female debater on his show.

Waqar Zaka


The living on the edge host, Waqar Zaka, is widely hated by people because of his behaviour and attitude on the show and the publicity stunts he pulls on social media.


Meera has always been a center of negative attention for her videos of trying to speak English. But when she acted boldly in Bollywood movies, people really did start to despise her. However, we at Kluchit,love her for being who she is! (Lots of love Meera Jee!)

Amir Liaquat

The (apparant) hypocritical Islamic philosopher became hated nation-wide when the secret video he made in which he used foul language leaked. However, he is slaying with pun intended t shirts on his show these days!


Kluchit Staff
Merub Ali