PANTENE HUM BRIDAL COUTURE WEEK 2017 – DAY 2 What's Happening Now!

Lahore, December 9, 2017: Day 2 of the country’s largest bridal extravaganza PHBCW was the continuation of the glamour and ethnic bridal collections, which were samples of excellence. HUM Network Ltd. pulled off Day 2 of 15th Edition of Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week with most of the country’s acclaimed couturiers, bridal wear designers and retail brands, promoting the finer art of classic couture. With celebrities in full attendance masquerading the red carpet and runway, an affair of wedding wears for Pakistan, Day – 2 was with the detailing of motifs on the catwalk.

Show one of the second day of PHBCW started with the heavily crafted bridal/formal collection of Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram, followed by Aneesa Kiani’s Raa-e-Ishq: 3 Stages of Love, in a special segment Strong is Beautiful. Her collection was inspired by The Kiani Crown which was the traditional coronation crown embellished with Iranian crown jewels. Retail brand Edenrobe presented their collection True Inspiration on the runway which was followed by Crystalline by Aisha Farid. Show one of PHBCW concluded with Erum Khan’s Sahiba Bridal Collection Winter’17, representing the aura of a woman who is an amalgam of delicacy and flattering strength. Show 2 of PHBCW day 2 started with Chinyere’s Thumri, which was followed by Demesne Couture’s Escape de Vivre 2017. Retail brand Royal Tag was next to present their collection Modern Man on the Catwalk. Day 2 of the three-day bridal extravaganza concluded with Lajwanti’s Sultana, a collection inspired by the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire.

Day 2 of PHBCW also had a star-studded line-up; the gorgeous Uzma Khan and singing sensation Asim Azhar opened the show for Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram, while the talented Ahsan Khan who is set to woo everyone with his incredible performance in the upcoming comedy thriller Chupan Chupai, walked the ramp for Edenrobe. The rising stars Iqra Aziz, Yumna Zaidi, Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Sami Khan and Affan Waheed show-stopped for Aisha Farid. The charming Minal Khan show-stopped for Erum Khan, whereas the stunning Aiman Khan added allure to Chinyere’s collection. Nimra Khan graced the runway for Demesne and the couture king HSY show-stopped for Royal Tag. Last but not least, the gorgeous and uber talented Mawra Hocane concluded the day for Lajwanti.

Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week 2017 is choreographed by Vaneeza Ahmed Ali, with backstage management by Muneera & Aamir of Production 021. Make up and styling is by N-Pro and N-Gents. All public relations operations and media liaison is carried out by the in-house PR team of HUM Network Limited along with show production and execution by the special projects and events team at HUM Network Limited. Jewellery partner for PHBCW is Hamna Aamir.

Sultana Siddiqui – President HUM Network Limited

My dream in life has been that in Pakistan our positive things in culture and arts should be highlighted in the world. Keeping this in mind HUM Network Ltd. is doing so many things including fashion shows. Our fashion industry with its exquisite stitch work and rich designs should be introduced around the globe and we have been successful in doing so through our channels which are seen in 65 countries. We have introduced our designers and models through our fashion shows that are conducted aesthetically. Media plays a very important role in projecting the image of a country and our purpose is to highlight the soft image of this wonderful nation which has so much potential and talent. Today in our 15th edition of Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week we are proud to continue this vision along with our recent addition of pret shows.


The 15th edition of the country’s biggest bridal extravaganza is presented by Pantene and brought to you by Master MoltyFoam. The show is refreshed by Aquafina and savoury partner is Lays. FM106.2 is the official radio partner whereas snack partner is TUC; Nestle Nido is associate partner and Pizza Hut the food partner.


Amina Yasmeen by Mansoor Akram: Mansoor Akram’s PHBCW collection uses a variety of fabric textures and its detailing. A touch of velvet has also been used in this collection to maintain a royal and elegant feel, with excessive use of Swarovski stones, thread and sequence embroidery. The collection is heavily crafted bridal/formal with western and modern structured statement, adding volumes and drapes in construction of modern silhouette.

Aneesa Kiani: Raa-e-Ishq: 3 Stages of Love is inspired by The Kiani Crown which was the traditional coronation crown embellished with Iranian crown jewels worn by royalty during the Qajar dynasty. Aneesa Kiani has been creating a world of opulence with swatches of velvet, raw silk, net and tulle and embedding craftmanship work on the bridal ensembles, inspired by the imperial crown jewels. The embellishments and selection of embroideries on the bridal gowns is a reflection of inspiration taken from Persian finery and craft. The colour palette of the collection is crimson reds, soft golds, shades of grey presented through whimsically embellished lehengas and layered ensembles with distinctive cuts styled with statement jewels by Anees Malik.

Edenrobe: Costume and fashion history would not be the same without haute couture, True Inspiration is Edenrobe’s men couture collection based on the revival of a lost era. It combines artistry with the fashioning of garments. Deserts, gypsies, antique textiles and cultural traditions of royal era are the inspiration of this collection. The collection includes a jeweller inspiration theme of embroidery and patterns which create the whole ambiance and showcase the essence of traditional roots with heavy embellished sherwani’s, formal kurtas, formal waist coats, prince coat based on the rich and unique fabrication techniques which shows its elegance and royalty to customize the garments at high end.

Aisha Farid: Aisha Farid’s Crystalline collection is based on the 14th to 19th century interior architectures of Persian, Roman, Islamic and Egyptian origin. Style and method of design of all ensembles are related to architectural and ornamental features. The collection represents the of beauty of various traditions and historical regions and encapsulates crystals, Swarovskis, sequences and diamantes.

Erum Khan: Representing the aura of a woman who is an amalgam of delicacy and flattering strength. The one who isn’t afraid to take a leap with faith and stride into the unknown. The epitome of alluring beauty, mixed with ferocity identical to a warrior queen, she commands a magnanimous empire of love. Erum Khan’s Sahiba Bridal Collection Winter’17 represents the power, struggles and the immeasurable boundless beauty of the queen of hearts, the EK Rani.

Chinyere: Thumri is a common genre of semi classical music. The form is connected with dance, dramatic gestures, evocative love and folk songs. The dance is romantic and devotional in nature and revolves around a girl’s love for her lover. The theme depicts several meanings but what inspire this collection is the true spirit of love and loyalty of a woman towards the person she loves.

Demesne Couture: Demesne Couture’s Escape de Vivre 2017 is a fine example of modern artistry infused with traditional intricacy. The classic chic is reworked with innovative use of opulent fabrics and its play on deep tones and iridescent golds. All the featured pieces have intricately handcrafted embellishments on quintessentially French patterns. The collection displays a modern take on traditional silhouettes; essentially, it’s contemporary, it’s old, it’s fun and bold! The collection centres its theme on the celebration of womanhood and strives to highlight the confidence and oomph a well-crafted dress can inspire. The collection boasts chic,on-trend cuts and extravagant flares with complex details worked in with metallic embellishments, sculpted on exquisite fabric giving an air of understated opulence to the pieces.

Royal Tag: Royal Tag’s Modern Man collection is all about taking a great outfit and putting personality into it. This collection boasts three-piece luxurious suits and traditional outfits and is all about the craftmanship and creativity which gives every man “The Look of Today”.

Lajwanti: The collection Sultana is inspired by the grandeur of the Ottoman Empire. The story is of a girl called Sultana who is in the harem and rises in the ranks because of her sensibility and intelligence. Eventually she’s married to the king and becomes a queen. The motifs and the colour palette are inspired by Turkish tiles, pottery and Turkish historical sites.




Contributed By: Team Kluchit