Kluchit.com makes a refreshing Peach Melba smoothie in 2 minutes!! Food / K-recipes

After a workout or a tiring day, this smoothie will refresh you and give you an instant boost of energy. Kluchit.com recommends that you replace your sodas and other sugary drinks with a Peach Melba smoothie. The ingredients are very simple. All you need are a few frozen peaches and mangoes. You have the option to add a few carrots too. Lastly, you need 300 ml of almond milk.

Cut the fruit into little chunks.

Blend well.


This smoothie is dairy-free and is full of anti-oxidants. It takes only 2 minutes to be made and you can also have it with your breakfast. It has a full serving of fruits and is sure to leave you feeling hydrated and energetic.

Contributed by: Team Kluchit.

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