Pensy – Defining men attire Fashion / It's a Man's World

Men attire was never that versatile as the women attire has been. Though the selection is limited when it comes to colors and patterns but still it is quite hectic to pick the perfect shirt in the morning. On the core, any male attire has to have that strong look to it. The shoulder enhance the physical shape and the fitting has to just hint the physical attribute. From Bond to Hunt, all have the the perfect suiting.

Pakistani men, unlike quite a lot of other country men, has a far wider range of attire style to choose from. Not only the type of attire but recently, there is a quite an impressive increase in male attire specific brands too. How many of them are worth buying or how many of them are wasting time, that is a separate article itself. For more than 30 years, Pensy Garments has been retailing fashionable men garments.

The product range covers almost every form there is to gentleman dressing. Even after 30 years, they are still considered to be among the best retail and even customized suiting brand too. Pensy produces garment from formal suiting to casual wear. The utmost attention is given to every process from selecting the best fabric to intrigue stitching detailing to how the product is being displayed on retail. Craftsmanship can be judged from their customized tailoring. Some of their recent customers are second generation and some are even from 3rd generation too. This speaks volume of how well they are keeping male suiting and other attire manufacturing at par with international trends.

Pensy has recently started opening their retail outlet in different areas of Lahore and spreading out to other cities.