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Although in recent times, many new and versatile Japanese, Italian and Mexican dishes are springing up and now many new restaurants can be seen on the main roads such as M.M Alam in Lahore. But none of the modern and western cuisines can beat our unconditional love and unique taste of desi food. The food industry in Pakistan is rapidly globalizing but still the continental dishes have their own value and place in the hearts and tongues of Pakistanis.

Not only do our desi dishes serve the purpose of a healthy and scrumptious diet, but these dishes can be reused in various forms preventing wastage and maximizing utilization therefore providing an innovative way to reduce the cost of eating in the recent time of inflation.

The very old yet unique and easy-to-cook desi dish called ‘Alu ki Bhujiya’ can be used in multiple ways. Not only can it be taken with rotti but it can also be used in sandwiches instead of the mayonnaise mixture and there is no doubt that the sandwiches made of this bhujiya are absolutely mouth-watering.

Coming to the karahis now, the delicious mutton and chicken karahi which are the most widely cooked dishes in every house and even in local dhabas are also multi-functional. They can be used in their raw form as in the gravy form and can be consumed with rotti but they can also be used in making chicken or mutton biryani, thus serving a two-fold purpose.

The very famous ‘mungi ki daal’ can be used in making tasty parathas and it can also be consumed in its raw form with rotti and pickle. The combination of ‘Daal Chawal’ which is a very delicious and traditional dish consists of this daal and boiled rice and is eaten widely in Punjab. It is a dish which is prepared in almost every house and people enjoy eating it.

‘Gobbi ka salaan’ is another dish which is eaten by the local residents and this salan is served in street hotels as well. It is quite a famous and delicious continental dish which serves many purposes as gobbi can be used in the making of gobbi parathas that are absolutely mouthwatering and completely irresistible. No one can say no to these parathas!

Thus we see that our continental dishes are versatile and can be used in various forms and serve multiple purposes, helping reduce the cost of eating!

Contributed by Maham Jaffery.

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