Public Elementary School Introduces Giorgio Armani Uniforms What's Happening Now!

I think we have all despised our school uniforms in life one time or another. We envied the west for allowing their children to wear colored clothes, complaining about ours.

However, there is a school in Tokyo that adopted Giorgio Armani uniforms for students which costs more than 80,000 yen ($730) for a full set. A minimum set of the uniform comprises of a navy-blue jacket and matching trousers or skirt, a long-sleeve shirt and a hat, costing more than 80,000 yen (730$), which is more than twice the price of current uniforms.

After facing heavy criticism from parents and even members of the parliament, the principal of the school Toshitsugu Wada defended his decision by stating that the top fashion brand would fit Taimei’s identity as “a school of Ginza.” He also chose Armani because its boutique is near the school.

He stated that he is aware that the new uniform would cost more, but considered it worth it. He said his decision is unchanged despite the criticism.

The Armani uniform, to be launched in April, is recommended but not compulsory.