Que Rico, truly Espanol The Bearded Chef

We heard Ola loud and clear as soon as we stepped into Que Rico Espanol at M M Alam road, Gulberg Lahore. The nicely architect building is little off the main M M Alam road. You will feel calling out Ola to everyone as soon as you enter the place as the rich ambiance engulfs you to experience which you about to embark upon.

The open area has pleasant seating. Garden chairs with umbrellas sheltering guests from afternoon sun. You can either sit there or you can walk through magnificent wood and glass main door. You are greeted by their front staff and shiny golden statue of Spanish bull…on the table that is. The interior has a cozy feel to it with not so bright. I like how they have divided different areas for group sittings. Amazing Spanish cultural paintings on the wall added to a certain grandeur personality to the place.

It was a nice winter afternoon, so we all preferred to sit outside. Just to add a bit more to the ambiance, this place has some serious interior skills worked for their restrooms. I mean it felt like some really high end spa thing going on with scented candle burning, nice vintage basket with different toiletries, designer wall paper and massive full length looking mirror. Hell they could have put a table in this place too and I’m sure nobody would have been bothered where they are seated. Yes, I agree…a whole para just to describe the loo but trust me, once you go there you will agree with all I typed.

So the first service was interesting mix of yellow, black and white. Yes, a very colorful first entrée and it was a kind of a single gulp drink. Most of you food lovers might have experienced the same abroad or seen the same in TV. Its something that came from a Molecular gastronomical lab. Mango Sphere, the nice warm bubble, melts and bursts in your mouth as soon as it touches your tongue. You gulp down the mouthful of sweet aromatic liquid and feel amazingly refreshed.

Next in line were 2 drinks; Volcano and other one was Passion fruit juice with Cotton Candy. I am keeping myself limited only to give enough details for you to be there and experience it but somehow I am feeling like a child who has this amazing secret, bursting out of his system. Both the drinks are not about how they taste but the overall experience how they are done on your table. Strongly recommending these, not for their drama but taste too. These are not your with food drinks but something you can have on their own too.

Que Rico has a very brief but truly fine dine menu. The menu offers you dishes made of Duck and Ostrich meat. We had Pepperoni twirls, Edammame, Chicken Tacos and Beef Rolls. Every single dish has its own flavor. Pepperoni twirls was soft dough rolls stuffed with pepperoni slices, mozzarella cheese and herbed tomatoes. Baked to perfection, served on pesto sauce and drizzled balsamic reduction. Edammame was steamed and tossed in rock salt, smoked papparika and garlic seasoning. Tacos were as amazing with crispy shell, nicely cooked juicy chicken, flavorful avocado spread with a little fiery kick to it and nice subtle salsa. Beefy chunks rolled in soft tortilla stuffed with cheese and salsa. Everything had an amazing presentation with equally flavor-full experience. We look forward to dinning at Que Rico again.


Contributed by Jehanzeb A Khan who’s alternative ego is that of  The Bearded Chef. He loves cooking and cigars and has a jazzy wit!