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For all those sushi lovers out there in Lahore…Im sure you are well aware of the name Sakura. Sakura is a buffet sushi bar at Pearl Continental Lahore. This nice little place offers a wide array of Sushi, Tempuras, Maki Rolls, Teppanyaki and Sushi style desserts too. Apart from buffet, Sakura also has an ala carte menu which is fine dine Japanese cuisine.

Team Kluchit along with some of industry’s finest socialites were invited by Ms. Sasha Zaidi to enjoy a feast-ful evening at Sakura on behalf of Sakura, Pearl Continental Hotel. Ms. Sasha is the PR manager for Pearl Continental. Though she is not a sushi person at all, we admire her hospitality to be there throughout the evening. Among others were Razza Munir with his newly wed wife Zoya. Shahroz Tariq, Seerat, Khizra from Minerva Concepts, Murad Rahim and Mariam Faizan. Among all them, Annie Chaudhry from FuchsiaMagic, Farhan & Babar from Transmedia and Adila Noreen. Hasan and myself from your own Kluchit!! Woohoo…

We were seated in the small garden, nicely done I must say. Though the evening was bit nippy but I am quite sure it must be amazing in summers too. The complete architect of the place was amazing with planters dividing different set of tables. This does give that slight private area feel even when one is sitting in a complete open area.

The live sushi counter is an interesting bit to watch too. Itamae, is what the Sushi chefs are called in Japan. Though to be Itamae, they have to practice years before they can start or work on their own. I am sure; the ones at Sakura are quite professional with their knife. I saw one of the younger prodigies slicing through the flesh of fish and he was quite confident of what he was doing! Attached to this live sushi setup is the soup bain-marie. Japanese soups are quite different from the Chinese or thick continental soup. So do try a bit, its’ an acquired taste anyways. Onward you will find the live teppanyaki station.

The teppanyaki station offered both Chicken and Beef variety. You might need to inform the chef how you like your teppanyaki in terms of salt and heat too. It takes couple of minutes wait but trust me…the wait is all worth it.

For dessert, you will need to back at the beginning, which was little confusing. There was a limited but quite Japanese looking dessert. They were slightly above nicely sweet but after so much of savory, one can always settle down with one or max two of these dessert.

While talking to Ms. Sasha, an amazing person to talk with, we came to know that the hotel group makes sure that all the seafood items are delivered fresh to respective restaurant. It does make sense as Pearl Continental has all the right sources to get fresh ingredients best available in the region, and then there is no question of them compromising on the quality. I on my own and team Kluchit strongly suggests every Lahori out there to try this delicacy from Japan once in their lifetime.


Contributed by Jehanzeb A Khan who’s alternative ego is that of  The Bearded Chef. He loves cooking and cigars and has a jazzy wit!

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